The Museum of Looted Antiquities is a virtual gallery that collects, displays and studies looted antiquities that have been repatriated since 1950.

We’re working with a community of researchers from various backgrounds — academia, law, the art market and journalism — to build the dataset and study its contents. The goal is to elevate our understanding of the illicit antiquities trade from the anecdotal to the data driven.

Get Involved

As a collaborative research project, there are several ways to get involved: 

Contact us here to inquire about the above roles.  

MOLA Peer Review

MOLA uses a peer review process to collect data from a broad array of sources while maintaining accuracy and reliability on a small budget.

To preserve these editorial standards, MOLA reviews all contributions for:

If you feel we’ve not lived up to these standards, please contact us here


MOLA is built on Omeka, a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections. Learn more at Omeka.org.

In the future we plan to include additional features, including data analysis tools and curated exhibits to feature some of the stories of these repatriations.  


MOLA is supported by grants and donations to the Achilles Research Group, a non profit 501c3 research collaborative studying the dark corners of the art market. 

To support to our work, please contact:

Jason Felch